Bespoke Supply Chain Executive Education Program Development

The development of a custom program typically progresses through the following stages:

Initial Assessment

By phone or e-mail, you can outline and share with us your organization's desired outcomes and purposed timeline for your program. We then schedule a conversation, usually by phone, between one of our custom program director and your company to further determine your business’s challenges and if your needs match our capabilities.

Exploratory Meeting

Senior executives and human resources representatives from your organization are encouraged to visit Lancaster Executive to meet with both faculty who are likely to teach in your custom program and the executive education directors who will manage the program. Together, we discuss your business goals and organizational challenges, as well as your requirements, proposed participants, and desired outcomes for the program.


After the meeting, we prepare a preliminary proposal for your review. The proposal outlines suggested curriculum topics, program structure, potential faculty, delivery methods, recommended location, timing, and fees. We work together with you to refine the proposal until an agreement is reached.

Capabilities Requirements

Once we have an agreement, Lancaster Executive faculty review detailed company information and conduct interviews with management in your organization in order to understand the challenges facing your organization. On occasion, program faculty will travel to your site to better understand your business and meet prospective participants and program sponsors.

Program Design

After collecting all the necessary company information, the faculty and program directors refine the curriculum and delivery methodologies. If needed, they engage additional faculty members to teach with them. Throughout the design process, we continue to collaborate with your management team to ensure that your company will receive exactly the program that is needed.


The program is delivered by the Lancaster Executive faculty team to participants selected by your organization.


Throughout the program and at its conclusion, we collect feedback and suggestions from participants, company sponsors and administrators, and faculty. The comments are analyzed and recommendations shared with all parties. If possible, real-time adjustments are made during the program.


Based on the program experience and feedback, as well as any new company or industry information available, the program is revised and updated for future sessions.

Disclaimer: Lancaster Executive LLC was spun out from Lancaster University
Management School in July 2008. While Lancaster Executive maintains close
ties to academia and the university, it operates independently now.