Contact Information for Lancaster Executive LLC



Prof Dr Joern Meissner
Lancaster Executive LLC
The Graybar Building
420 Lexington Ave, Suite 2310
New York, NY 10170

E-mail: execed12 [at] lancasterexecutive [dot] com
Phone: +1.212.997.1660

Course Content Inquiries

Phone: +44.1524.593867
Fax: +44.1524.592060
Email: execed12 [at] leanoperations [dot] com

Billing related Inquiries

Primary Contact: Josh Denee
Phone: +1.212.997.1660
Fax: +1.212.997.1669
Email: office [at] lancasterexecutive [dot] com

Disclaimer: Lancaster Executive LLC was spun out from Lancaster University
Management School in July 2008. While Lancaster Executive maintains close
ties to academia and the university, it operates independently now.